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Naps 'N Taps By Noah - ASMR

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What I really aim to do is serve this little corner of the internet with the best possible ASMR content I can muster. It's been a life changer for me personally, as I deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia and more. So I wanted to give back in some small measure, whether that's serving you up some tingles, helping you study, or just relax after a long day. Or hey, maybe you're just doing a case study on people who stimulate the Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response, haha. I'll gladly be your test subject for a Sub ;)

Note: while this may go without saying, ASMR content (particularly mine) is NOT medical treatment and I make no judgments on its efficacy towards treating mental health. If you are suffering from a mental health illness, please know that you have my encouragement and support to seek professional treatment.


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