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Hi Everyone!

I'm Kirsty, I'm been listening to ASMR for 10 years now and I've always wanted to make videos myself and finally in 2020 I decided I'd waited long enough. And so with basically no plan, a Blue Yeti and zero editing experience off I went! I'm basically learning as I go, improving my editing/video & audio quality as I go. But I love it and I hope you enjoy any videos you listen to.

I enjoy making videos with lots of Aggressive triggers, I particularly love to make 'On The Mic' trigger videos, mic scratching, pumping, brushing, swirling, rubbing, fabric on the mic, all those lovely sounds! But I do make some non-aggressive videos too plus intense but non-aggressive sounds.

I upload 2 videos a week, at 7:30pm (UK) on Monday and Thursday. I love taking requests and I'll do my best to make these videos providing I'm comfortable with the request (things have gotten weird before!)

Thank you for visiting & I hope you'll subscribe :-)

Contact - [email protected]


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