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Creative Calm ASMR

1. Creative Calm ASMR

Well hello! How delightful to meet you. I'm Lucy, but you can call me CC, and I aim to create feel good (sometimes mildly humorous) content 3 times a week to keep you smiling and feeling calm. Fun Links....

ASMR Angel

2. ASMR Angel

I finally discovered what ASMR was after stumbling upon a video from Gentle Whispering. I'd always known that getting my eyes tested gave me tingles and that certain things relaxed me however I never knew...

Dream Play ASMR

3. Dream Play ASMR

🦄 Relax your inner child - ASMR for Dreamers. I want to help you to relax and get the dreams you wish to have. I like cute and colorful things, because I think they make the world a little more happier. We...


4. ASMR -T

I love ASMR! tingles | comfort | relaxation Joined Nov 26, 2013, but only started posting videos February 7, 2018.

MelMelonie ASMR

5. MelMelonie ASMR

Hey :) I'm Melanie and this is my ASMR channel. All my videos should help you to fall asleep or just to relax you (or make you laugh if you don't know ASMR and came here for a different reason, that's ok ;...

QuietSpace ASMR

6. QuietSpace ASMR

Hi everyone :) This is Queenie. This is an ASMR channel dedicated to all members who enjoys ASMR videos! I have been benefiting from many videos from asmr-tists on YouTube, and I sincerely hope I can al...

Giinn ASMR

7. Giinn ASMR

ASMR Channel + Vtubing Asmr #asmrfrançais #frenchasmr #asmranglais #englishasmr

Artsy ASMR

8. Artsy ASMR

🌸 Welcome beautiful human! 🌸 I like making ASMR videos! 🤗💕 You can follow me on my Instagram and twitter. What is ASMR? (for those who don't know yet) ASMR is an acronym for "Autonomous Sensory Merid...

Bianca is White

9. Bianca is White

Canale Sospeso ✿ ✿ ✿ Do you want to help me improve the channel? you can make a donation on paypal in total security