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Lady Exotic ASMR

2. Lady Exotic ASMR

LadyExoticASMR creates nontraditional ASMR videos, Intense and Real Roleplays mixed with ASMR sounds to please you with more than one tingle and be part of one real experience in every single Roleplay. Th...


3. YooYa

✌🏻 Hiiii, kittens! I'm YooYa & I'M WATCHING YOU! 😜 Main ASMR Channel : YoooooooYa ✅ Fansly: @YooYa ✅

Skye Vibes Audio

4. Skye Vibes Audio

Hi there…I'm Skye! I create ASMR Girlfriend Roleplay Audios; Friends To Lovers ASMR, ASMR Massage, sleep aids, anxiety & panic attack care audios, & there are fun, cozy ones with ASMR Kisses too ;) Jic,...


5. Florescent

💖Hi there, thank you for checking out my channel! You can find different kinds of unique, sensual, intimate and loving videos here. I focus on ASMR but always add my own little twists! •I mainly upload...

Ellaa ASMR

6. Ellaa ASMR

Welcome to ASMR with Ellaa, which hopefully helps you either fall asleep or just feel relaxed ^__^ ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response which can feel like a tingling sensation on the skin...


7. MoonFoxASMR

Thank you for visiting my channel! Here I humbly post my ASMR videos in hopes to calm, entertain and bring you many tingles... I hope you enjoy! Join me on OnlyFans too! (18+ Only).

Wokies ASMR

8. Wokies ASMR

Relax 💤 On this channel you will find content that can help you relax, focus, sleep and in general be satisfied. If you want "more" ;) then I suggest you check out my other links. Banner Art: smjohnsonc...

Rubi asmr

9. Rubi asmr

Olá ♡ eu sou a Rubi e sejam bem vindos ao meu canal! Que criei especialmente pra ti utilizando o ASMR como forma de lhe proporcionar relaxamento, calma & intensos arrepios, eu espero muito que gostem de te...