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Argyros ASMR

1. Argyros ASMR

ASMR videos for now, perhaps some other audio and video bits and clips at some point. I take ASMR requests so feel free to ask!


2. SOUNDsculptures

A collection of sounds to relax you with the accompanying visuals. Thank you for all the kind words. I hope that you enjoy the videos ~ Helen (SS) "The hands want to see, the eyes want to caress." ~ Johan...

SavannahsVoice ASMR

3. SavannahsVoice ASMR

Hey it's Savannah :) I make ASMR videos to help you relax or fall asleep! What is ASMR? Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a relaxing tingling sensation that starts in the head and is caused...

Lushious Addiction ASMR

4. Lushious Addiction ASMR

Hello you ♥ I'm Lushious, a new ASMRtist on Youtube. Me and my alpacas squad are ready to make you feel blissful and to give you a personnal moment of relaxation, all packed up in a plushie pastel ambian...

Naps 'N Taps By Noah - ASMR

5. Naps 'N Taps By Noah - ASMR

What I really aim to do is serve this little corner of the internet with the best possible ASMR content I can muster. It's been a life changer for me personally, as I deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia an...