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Kluna Tik

1. Kluna Tik

Short films of me (Kluna) & Charlie the Awesome Venus Flytrap. Business enquiries: [email protected]


2. deepASMR

Hello there, I'm deepASMR. Welcome to my channel. Thanks for stopping by. I make ASMR videos here on YouTube. My videos are created for the purpose of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). This in...



no two people are the same and therefore no two people will experience asmr in the same way. my videos are a reflection of art. I'm here hoping to share a few beautiful words with you. i remember as a yo...

Lushious Addiction ASMR

4. Lushious Addiction ASMR

Hello you ♥ I'm Lushious, a new ASMRtist on Youtube. Me and my alpacas squad are ready to make you feel blissful and to give you a personnal moment of relaxation, all packed up in a plushie pastel ambian...