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1. fastASMR

Hi! Welcome to this quiet corner of the internet. I make ASMR (aka АСМР, 音フェチ) videos to help you relax, battle insomnia, sleeping problems, anxiety and other ailments. This is a safe place, every one...

ASMR KittyKlaw

2. ASMR KittyKlaw

АСМР видео для сна, мурашек, релаксации, и отличного настроения! Вас ждет - ASMR шепот, ролевые игры, триггеры, итинг, сказки и многое другое! 🌙✨ Не забудьте надеть наушники! 🎧 ~ Если вы хотите поддержать...

Miss Chloe ASMR

3. Miss Chloe ASMR

I make videos to help you relax and sleep! You can find all my social media here: Patreon: Ko-fi: Paypal donations (Which are b...


4. YooYa

✌🏻 Hiiii, kittens! I'm YooYa & I'M WATCHING YOU! 😜

Tiptoe Tingles ASMR

5. Tiptoe Tingles ASMR

just an ASMR lovin' gal who wants to give back to the ASMR community for all info and links: love always, k :)

Mindarina ASMR

6. Mindarina ASMR

Hago ruidismo con objetos y palabras para relajarte. ASMR mas rápido y con mucho movimiento de manos. Roleplays, videos diferentes, sonidos con la boca y uñas muy largas!

chillaxin asmr

7. chillaxin asmr

♡ i really hope you can find comfort & relaxation in my videos ♡

ASMR Lauren

8. ASMR Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren ☺️👋 Just here to hopefully serve you some sleepy time 💤

Jailyn SoTalkative

9. Jailyn SoTalkative

Allow me to help quiet down your Brain 🧠 ✨️ About Me: I LOVE Anime, Kdrama & Kpop. I'm a Huge BTS fan, My favorite color is Purple & I have a Hamster named Captain Marshmallow.