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dani ASMR

1. dani ASMR

Hi, my name is Daniela. I make ASMR videos for Your relaxation! 💤 My strengths are my long natural nails: with them I create sounds so soft and satisfying for your ears and eyes.... a totally different exp...


2. ASMRish

For us lucky ones who experience ASMR, or just find this content relaxing - WELCOME. -------- Patreon: Instagram: https://www....

Diddly ASMR

3. Diddly ASMR

Hi! I'm a 24 year old Aussie named Alicia and I'm on a mission to get you the fuck to sleep


5. newgirl246asmr

Welcome to my channel! My name's Meghan and I make asmr videos according to your requests. Go check out my other channels where I make vlogs, dance covers, reactions and more! Subscribe to get notified ab...

zelschke asmr

6. zelschke asmr

peaceful moments of relaxing asmr from me to you this is my main asmr channel where i post weekly asmr content for you to enjoy i started creating asmr back in 2020 and it quickly became my whole life! i...

extralivia asmr

7. extralivia asmr

livestreamer takes on the youtube world and is ready to shine (i guess) :) ASMR , poetry and variety types of content :)

Friends with ASMR

8. Friends with ASMR

Hi, I'm your friend Jules/Julie! My mission here at Friends with ASMR is to help you relax, sleep & reconnect to your most comforting memories with a focus on loving, nostalgic touch like back scratching,...

ASMR SouthernBell

9. ASMR SouthernBell

Welcome to my ASMR Youtube channel :) Some may not know what ASMR stands for, but it means "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). Per Wikipedia it stands for the following: ASMR is an experience...