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Lady Exotic ASMR

1. Lady Exotic ASMR

LadyExoticASMR creates nontraditional ASMR videos, Intense and Real Roleplays mixed with ASMR sounds to please you with more than one tingle and be part of one real experience in every single Roleplay. Th...

Flirty ASMR

3. Flirty ASMR

Hi, welcome to my channel Flirty ASMR ❤ If you want exclusive videos join my OnlyFans 💋 Also follow me on Instagram🥰 Buisness email/ Custom requests 💌 [email protected]

The ASMR Collection

4. The ASMR Collection

Hello! We here at TAC love ASMR so much so that we decided to provide it twice a day for you all! All our videos are only seen here and you get the full versions! We are strictly a family friendly channel...

MissCleopatra ASMR

5. MissCleopatra ASMR

In this channel you will get all the ASMR triggers such as whispering, tapping, repetitive sounds, mouth sounds, scratching, licking, kissing and all what you need to have an amazing ASMR relaxing experien...

euphoria ASMR

6. euphoria ASMR

Hi im euphoria, im 21 and kinda shy but I enjoy making ASMR for you to sleep well and feel calm 💌 My videos can be used for brain massage, tingling, stress relief + relaxation. I post every week :) L i n...

Relax Laze Eats

7. Relax Laze Eats

We create fun ASMR videos; licking, sucking, mouth sounds - you name it. For full Uncensored videos, visit out Patreon at



Hey, my name is Sarah and I love making ASMR videos. ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a relaxing, often sedative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Also known as "br...

ASMR mouth

9. ASMR mouth

Giving you all kinds of tingles by my mouthsounds, that's my aim. Did you already knew that you can watch the sensual version of my mouthsound videos at patreon (asmr_mouth)? Just find me there and I'll le...