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Air Massage ASMR

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Air Massage ASMR* this is when you massage someone but don't actually touch.
✎.. Hello my lovelys and welcome to my channel. Here you can enjoy various binaural sounds like tapping, scratching, drawing, painting, brushing, humming, mouth sounds (tongue clicking, lip smacking, kissing, breathing, blowing, chewing, whistling, eating ),ambient sounds, background noises, nature sounds (rain, wind, ocean, forest, birds, animal) and more.
When you hear a frequent audible pleasant sounds, your brain begins to produce endorphins. Some sounds are helpful for meditation, while some sounds just make you forget about everything. Enjoy and hopefully I will trigger at least one person with my videos.
If your READY to start ENJOYING in this moment.. ☊ Put on your headphones ☊ So..are you ready? SUBSCRIBE and let's get started! ► Try to find your triggers. Blessings for pleasurable tingling your body :)
* ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response


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