ASMR Russian Teacher Roleplay

ASMR Emichka
ASMR Emichka
Published 11 months ago

Before you say anything, I'm Lithuanian so Lithuanian and English are my primary languages, not Russian- I only live here and I go to classes and still learning. I'm aware I made 2 stupid mistakes- English I instead of И and its сеГодня! So sorry if you know Russian and is triggered, I just find Russian such a cool language for ASMR! for da funz ok dont shoot me

but today wanted to try out my new greenscreen and i bought props for this video,,cost me over 150 dollas rip but i love doing this so its GR8

Also can someone donate all their money again so I can have makeup that doesnt melt of my face in 30 degree weather

I'm trying to get 3dio here if you want to support me with the dollas thank u:


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