ASMR Soviet Girl Interrogates You! (Roleplay) Russian & English

ASMR Emichka
ASMR Emichka
Published 10 months ago

i even spoke bosnian in this dedicated to my dear son Faris. enable subtitles if ya dont understand!
this is all meant to be fun and games, not technical interrogation shit so don't bully me, also my beret is fucked because its too big ofr me and I wet it to shape it to look ok as I was in cadets and then my hair got wet and it dripped onto the dress. There is your story!

This video contains Russian soft spoken, paper noises, mouth noises, a lil bit of tapping here and there.

30 mins plus videos going on here soon and to support me (thank you so much):

Instagram: asmremichka


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