ASMR Sensual Whispers in 9 Languages

ASMR Emichka
ASMR Emichka
Published 10 months ago

i put subtitles on..dont wanna miss what i tried to say LUL
Also uploading tonight and tomorrow with more ";)" stuff
thanks to all the people helping me on the way to getting a dank better mic cus this asmr stuff is FUN

anyway in this video i attempt..and I HELLA MEAN ATTEMPT to speak 9 languages with horrible pronunciation and grammar cus I learned most of these from school or picked up from games so lul but hope its found relaxing in some way regardless and sorry if ur triggered instead of tingled by my language skills

also im 20 in this vid not 12 still

thank you for the likes and subbiessss

instagram: asmremichka


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