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Published 2 weeks ago
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Hey guys

Thank you so much for watching!

Freelees video

My video on dairy

My video on meat

My video on eggs

I have more videos coming soon!

Here is a list of SOME of my favorite vegan youtubers and some educational channels you should watch!

1. Gary Yourofsky

2. The beautiful Sorsha

3. Fully Raw Kristina

4. The amazing vegan couple

5. Earthling Ed

6. Joey Carbstong

7.Bite size vegan

8. Mic the vegan

9. Freelee the banana girl

This is just to name a few amazing people! There are so many MORE. I encourage you all to open your mind and heart and hear the truth and run with it and make better choices for yourself the animals and our planet. I don't have any social media at the moment because I'm not about that life! The comment section is closed because my intention is to spread the truth and not sit and argue with people who refuse to except the truth.

Peace and Love

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