ASMR 2 Girls, 1 Mic | Sisters Intense Sucking and Licking Mic Sounds

ASMR Emichka
ASMR Emichka
Published 11 months ago

Alternative title: creepy bad editing twins consume your soul
worst editing in the world goes to ME! i tried guys, i tried :( need to use my greenscreen next time
but idk if that would make a difference cause guess what the microphone shakes so bad, so ya kno
if ya wanna help me get the 3dio and see my other roleplays and succ, come skiddaddle over here :

(cough money wh0re plug cough cough) teehee

thank u for the most important support of course guys ;^) your on point comments YA KNO!
i also have a new instagram- cause my other one was sad

but here in this video its me trying to look like new ppl even though the effect was RUINED
by the shaky mic, thanks much appreciated ruining my life. but i like some intense mouth sounds
and succ sounds so im welcome to it

here is the dreaded "tipjar" LUL if you want to help cus ya know chaching chaching its like a twitch sub without the commitment x

this is a christian channel remember


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