ASMR Sucking a Banana Sounds

ASMR Emichka
ASMR Emichka
Published 11 months ago

because you all told me i am. hope sucking a banana actually makes sounds because i didnt think it was much, and then there were rude ass ppl outside B*TCH CAN'T YOU SEE IM TRYNA SUCK!? again, i do what the PPL WANT...within reason lul so if you want to request other types of videos then im open my friend

i came home from work 10 hours no bulli makeup my fren

idk what i done in life to suck a banana, however it was better than the risk of electrocution! also the banana had better make up then me. tip; dont suck mic with lipstick or else it goes all over your face THANK YOU

if you want to support here apart from subbing and your lovely comments, im trying to save for a 3dio here!:

love u guyz
ps this is christian channel


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