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You’ve been scrolling for hours. YouTube, Instagram, even that odd ASMR subreddit you found. You’re on a quest, a mission even. The goal? Discovering that perfect, soothing, Japanese ASMR video. But there’s a snag in your plan. It’s just not that easy to find Japanese ASMR videos.

You’re not alone. Many ASMR enthusiasts are in the same boat, stuck in the choppy waters of endless internet searches. English ASMR videos? A dime a dozen. But those deeply calming, uniquely soothing Japanese ASMR videos? They’re like finding a needle in a haystack.

But hold on, take a deep breath. There’s good news on the horizon. We’ve done the hard work for you, and we’re here to share an easy solution. We’ve scoured the depths of the internet and have found seven unconventional Japanese ASMR videos that will lead you to the ultimate relaxation, even if you don’t speak a word of Japanese. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and peace.

We’ll share some search queries you can use to find your own Japanese ASMR at the end of this blog. Don’t want to miss them.

What is Japanese ASMR?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s that tingling, relaxing feeling you get when listening to certain soothing sounds. While ASMR has exploded in popularity in the English speaking world, it’s also a huge phenomenon in Japan.

Japanese ASMR has some unique qualities that set it apart from other ASMR content:

  • It often focuses on intricate, delicate sounds like tapping, crinkling, brushing and more. These sounds are called “otonamimi” in Japanese.
  • There is a big emphasis on roleplay ASMR with intricate storylines, often involving a massage, makeover or spa visit.
  • The sounds of eating and drinking feature heavily. Food sounds are called “tabekurage” in Japanese ASMR circles.
  • Whispering features in most videos, with the soft whispers called “haguki” in Japanese.
  • Binaural microphone recording is used frequently, making the sounds feel ultra 3D and immersive.
  • Many traditional Japanese instruments and tools are used to create unique sounds not found elsewhere.

So while the tingling feeling of ASMR is universal, Japanese ASMR has cultivated its own distinct style and approach. It’s an amazing world to explore for any ASMR fan looking for something a bit different.

1. 日本語ASMR | ブラッシングしながら雑談

In this video Dominika ASMR is mic brushing and softly whispering to us. She is not originally from Japan, but does a very good job speaking it.

2. ASMR Japanese Trigger Words Whispering, Ear Cleaning & Ear Blowing / TASCAM Portacapture X6

In this video Hatomugi ASMR is whispering trigger words, cleaning your ears, and blowing into your ears.

3. 【ASMR】綿棒と梵天を使った耳かき👂🗿KU100

In this video 華凛(karin_asmr) is using cotton swabs and other tools for ear cleaning.

4. 【ASMR】オイルマッサージ 囁き声あり ロールプレイ【音フェチ】Oil massage roleplay

In this video ゆうりASMR is doing a oil massage roleplay. Just as if you were visiting a massage parlor. Featuring skin rubbing sounds, moist oil sounds and breathing sounds.

5. ASMR Japanese Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay🔦

In this video Latte ASMR is giving you a Japanese Cranial Nerve Exam.


In this video benio店長 / ASMR屋さん is trying out 150 different sound triggers within 10 minutes. This includes brushing, tapping, water sounds, mouth sounds, and a lot more.

7. Enjoy Japanese MANGA CAFE alone

In this video Momota ASMR is visiting a Japanese manga cafe, she brings you with her on her travel.

How to find Japanese ASMR

Use the search term: “日本語asmr” to find content produced in the Japanese language. It simply means “Japanese ASMR”.

Another one is ” 音フェチ” which literally means “sound fetish”, the sounds can include whispering, tapping, crinkling, mouth sounds, etc. It is usually not meant in a sexual sense, but rather describes a fascination and strong appreciation for sounds.

For Japanese ear cleaning, search for: “耳掃除”. 耳 (mimi) means “ear” and 掃除 (souji) means “cleaning” in Japanese. Mimikaki refers to the act of cleaning inside one’s ears, usually with tools like cotton swabs or ear picks. It is considered good hygiene in Japan to regularly clean inside the ears. The sounds of tools going inside the ear, cleaning motions, etc. can provide satisfying ASMR tingles.

Japanese PhraseEnglishDescription
ASMR感覚 (ASMR kankaku)ASMR sensationASMR related
耳かき (mimikaki)Ear pickingSounds of cleaning inside the ear
耳掃除 (mimijouji)Ear cleaningSounds of cleaning the ears
囁き (sasayaki)WhisperingSoft whispered voices
口寂し (kuchisabishii)Mouth soundsLip smacking, eating sounds
タッピング (tappingu)TappingFingers tapping on surfaces
紙キュッキュ (kami kyukyuu)Paper crinklingCrumpling, folding paper
オイルマッサージ (oiru massāji)Oil massageSounds of oiled skin massage
リラクゼーション (rirakusēshon)RelaxationSoothing calming content
身体検査ロールプレイ (karada kensa rōrupurei)Medical check roleplayDoctor’s office sounds
イヤマイク (iya maiku)Ear-to-ear whisperingWhispers from ear to ear
脳オナニー (Nō onanī)Brain orgasm
頭皮オーガズム (Tōhi Ōgazumu)Head orgasm

You can try searching these phrases on The ASMR Index, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

We also feature all ASMRtists from Japan on our page: Japanese ASMR Channels.

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