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ASMR Shortbread

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Hello there...

I am ASMR Shortbread (or "Shortie"), a Scottish YouTuber who makes relaxation videos to help people sleep. All thanks to a mishap which resulted in a broken foot and three weeks off work, I have been making ASMR since 2018. Content creation has taken me on an extremely exciting journey and I've loved the process. You see, it turns out that sitting in my room whispering for thirty minutes actually soothes me almost as much as watching an ASMR video does.

I hope you enjoy my videos, which consist of a lot of hand movements, personal attention and mindless ramblings.

Lots of love,
Shortie x


๐Ÿ’— ASMR Shortbread is an ASMR video creator with over 160,000 subscribers. ASMR Shortbread joined YouTube 14 years ago, and has uploaded 340 ASMR videos with over 29,356,501 total views. ASMR Shortbread is from United Kingdom.


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