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ASMR Fangsy

1. ASMR Fangsy

Hey and welcome to my channel ASMR Fangsy! I love ASMR so much and it helps me get to sleep at night ❤ I would love to try and do my favourite triggers like all of my fellow ASMR lovers! 😊

ASMR Apple

2. ASMR Apple

Welcome To My Channel!:D I Make Fun And Kinda Weird Video To Some People But I Hope Mainly Most Of You Like It Then Think It’s Weird! Thanks!!


3. Soe ASMR

Hey, you've stumbled upon my channel Soe ASMR! ♥ Please get comfy, you're in for a wild ride mister!

Isabel Asmr

4. Isabel Asmr

🌹Welcome to my asmr channel. I hope you enjoy my videos. Please like, subscribe, and comment.🌹

Lushious Addiction ASMR

6. Lushious Addiction ASMR

Hello you ♥ I'm Lushious, a new ASMRtist on Youtube. Me and my alpacas squad are ready to make you feel blissful and to give you a personnal moment of relaxation, all packed up in a plushie pastel ambian...



Hello! My name is Sara, and my goal is to make videos that trigger your ASMR tingles! I enjoy listening to ASMR myself and frequently tingle at various different sounds. I love hearing sounds up close, the...



Welcome to my channel! My goal is to create ASMR videos to relax your mind and help you sleep! I really hope we can enjoy this together, me being the creator and you being the viewer/listener! I want to de...

nobody nobody

10. nobody nobody

this channel is not “back”. it is just here. so for all saying “omg your back”. you sound stupid. bc i’m not.

ASMR Whisperz

11. ASMR Whisperz

Hey guys im just starting out on ASMR so i hope you subscribe and help me along the way

Tylas ASMR

12. Tylas ASMR

A bit about me😊 My name is Tyla. I'm 19yrs old and I'm from England. I first descovered asmr about 3 years ago and since then it has helped me in so many ways. I struggled with clinical depression since I...

ASMR Missy

15. ASMR Missy

Hello lovelys Im Missy from holland i love to do ASMR because it helps me in my daily life and i cant sleep without helps me thru hard times in the life that is why i decide to start it mysel...

Jenny Psychologist

16. Jenny Psychologist

Hello and a warm welcome. Please relax, feel loved and cared for and let me provide you with a huge well-being boost! ❤️ Here you shall find ASMR ~ Therapeutic Strategies to Increase Well-being ~ Mindful...


18. movingcolors