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1. ASMRTheChew


Jessica ASMR  :)

2. Jessica ASMR :)

I hope you enjoy my videos. Hi! I'm Jessica ASMR , and I will be uploading ASMR videos by whispering or no talking . Most of my videos have items. (Props). :) About me: I have full time job. Educ...

SouthernASMR Sounds

3. SouthernASMR Sounds

Hi! I'm SouthernASMR Sounds, and I will be uploading ASMR videos with a Southern accent, whispering, and soft spoken descriptions of items. Audio only:

Sweet Carol

4. Sweet Carol

♥ ASMRtist ♥ Sweet Carol, resgatando sorrisos perdidos! Olá, meu nome é Carol e aqui você vai encontrar vídeos para fazer você se sentir bem! Sinta-se a vontade, pois minha intenção é te inspirar e levar...

ASMR Alysaa

5. ASMR Alysaa

Hi 💜 I'm Alysaa! An old school ASMRtist doing all types of ASMR content. Currently posting lots of pov body massage videos and "Lofi Fridays" which is faster paced, a bit weird and with lots of camera to...

MinxLaura123 ASMR

6. MinxLaura123 ASMR

Hi there! I am Laura from the U.K. I make #ASMR ( Autonomous sensory meridian response ) videos to help people sleep / relax and experience Tingly sensations! I like to make role play videos .. whisperi...



Hey YouTube! Welcome to SASitTube. My name is SAS and I love making videos :). Not just any videos, ASMR videos. If you enjoy eating, whispering sounds, eating show/MUKBANG. Then your in the right place...

Asmr With Sasha

8. Asmr With Sasha

ASMR para dormir y relajarte , espero llevarte de la mano a travès de este canal a mi magico mundo donde el susurro es el protagonista, disfruta de lecturas, poesia, relax, originalidad y whisper todo en u...

Kim&Liz ASMR

9. Kim&Liz ASMR

Hey guys, welcome to our channel! Subscribe XOXO

Sinros ASMR

10. Sinros ASMR

I'm just a Indian guy making sounds! 🙋🏻‍♂️

ASMR çambeyli massage

11. ASMR çambeyli massage

Selamlar, benim adım MURAT KAZAN . Ben 36 yaşındayım. 22 yıldır kuaförlük, 12 yıldır da masörlük yapıyorum. 12 yıldır kuaför salonu işletiyorum. Bana ve sizlere gelen müşterilere daha kaliteli hizmet verme...


12. Lisa ASMR

Come hang with me LIVE on Twitch: This is an ASMR channel that caters to the loud, the quiet, and the silent. Who says ASMR has to be quiet? Well it doesn't. It's going to...

Ephemeral Rift

13. Ephemeral Rift

Good now and welcome to an original, authentic, eclectic, organic, random, spontaneous, experimental, improvisational, unscripted, ever-evolving experience that blends nature, art, comedy, the surreal and...

Jake Baller ASMR

14. Jake Baller ASMR

Formally known as ASMballeR I make ASMR videos for people not only into sports but people who enjoy relaxation! Please like some of my videos and subscribe for more! Posting Daily ! -ASMR , Sports , Gam...

Tapping Whispers ASMR

15. Tapping Whispers ASMR

I want my videos to bring you relaxation, comfort, and peace. Please subscribe, or become a member if you enjoy! Instagram: tapping whispers

Asmr with Ana

16. Asmr with Ana

Hi, my name is Ana, I'm from Moldova and I'm 20 years old. 💗 I'm glad you're here and you support me, I hope you like my videos, and if you have new ideas I'll be happy to listen to them, on instagram @a...


17. nomnomsammieboy

Chill vibes calming cooking and recipe narration for home cooks who want to add a diversity of delicious flavors to their lives!



my subs say my asmr style is high quality casual lol🧸 °˖✧PR / SEND ME A LETTER✧˖° ASMR JADE PO Box 4279 Robina Town Centre QLD 4230 Australia 🤍My condition/journey: I got sick in Feb ‘20. After many su...