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1. KimmyLeASMR

Hey there, hi there, how you doing there. My name is Kimmy, and this channel is ASMR based. I include many videos for relaxation or to make you feel better. I hope I can help you with anxiety, relaxation,...


3. ASMR Flor

Hi, my name is Em. I am an 18 year old, soon to be university student. I am a lover of ASMR and all things tingly. ASMR has helped to"cure" my sleep paralysis that I have suffered from for over 2 years. I...

ASMR Emichka

4. ASMR Emichka

Hi guys, I'm an ASMR noob and im 20 not 12 sry i'm a Baltic/Scottish gorl living in Russia, and loving the life of succing on anything that tastes good im bad at asmr but no one watches my gaming so bye

Roxane ASMR

6. Roxane ASMR

Bienvenue sur ma chaîne Youtube. Ma chaine est un lieu d'expression sur laquelle je fais de l'ASMR (technique de relaxation), mais également des vidéos Lifestyle et prochainement des Vlog. Bon visionnage.

Rikita Asmr Français

7. Rikita Asmr Français

🍃 Grâce à l'ASMR je vous aide à améliorer votre quotidien. Si vous êtes de nature stressé(e) ou que vous souffrez d'insomnies, mes vidéos ASMR vous aideront à vous relaxer et à trouver le sommeil. Pour ma...

Giinn Asmr

8. Giinn Asmr

Hi I'm Giinn, welcome to my channel. As you can guess my channel is dedicated to ASMR. I make videos with tapping, scratching, brushing, tracing, whispering and roleplaying, ... every week. Salut moi c'e...

Cosmic Clouds ASMR

9. Cosmic Clouds ASMR

Just your average cosplayer and weaboo givin' you tingliez.

Rosie's ASMR

11. Rosie's ASMR

I'm a weird person, if you don't like that keep on moving ი⁽͑˙˚̀༡̇˚́˙⁾̉ჟ ˒˒⁼³ Nighty night (⌯꒪͒ ૢ∀ ૢ꒪͒) ੭ੇ

Kayley ASMR

12. Kayley ASMR

Thank you for stopping by. ^_^ 📷Instagram: itskayleyasmr 👻Snapchat: ItsHaylee09 **PATREON**


13. ASMRSweetHeart

This amazing community has completely changed my life. For a long time I wanted to be able to give back and help other people through this relaxing art form. Now I am! I value each and every person who sto...


15. TehSuh ASMR

Relax and sleep well! xoxo

Shottis ASMR

16. Shottis ASMR

Всем привет ! Меня зовут Вика и я снимаю ASMR / АСМР видео на разные темы. На этом канале вы сможете насладиться различными АСМР триггерами и испытать все прелести этого феномена! Мурашек Вам ♥♥♥♥♥


17. greenbeautyASMR

A quiet place where you can relax and release any negativity or tension. Happy listening :)


18. Yugen

Ayo, what's up YouTube. I'm sure this section will develop as this channel (hopefully) grows because I'm not sure what to write at the moment. Hang in here with me and I hope we have fun!