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Welcome to the Betuss ASMR channel, where we will share the best ASMR videos for you and make the most of your sleep! If you want to relax, you definitely need to check out our videos, because we believe that you're taking the best ASMR videos for you! I usually post massage videos on this channel and I aim for the tingling sensation to reach the highest levels. It is very gentle and I do ASMR massages and I usually apply them in a whisper. You will have goosebumps that you watch my videos and you will definitely get rid of the tiredness of the day. Our most preferred tracing and scratch removal massages because this process is so relaxing to remove the stress on you. Although I usually post relaxing massage videos, I also post role-playing and other trigger ASMR videos.

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💗 Betuss ASMR is an ASMR video creator with over 36,300 subscribers. Betuss ASMR joined YouTube 5 years ago, and has uploaded 314 ASMR videos with over 9,653,887 total views. Betuss ASMR is from Turkey.


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