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Springbok ASMR

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My website! http://www.springbokasmr.net/

Salutations, tingle-seekers! I am SpringbokASMR, a growing ASMRtist, but you can call me Spring. My videos are intended to help comfort, relax, motivate, and nurture the very brightest parts of you. Many people use them to quiet their minds at bedtime while others experience true ASMR, colloquially known as Tingles.

Please note this is a place for understanding, tenderness, and open expression. My one request is that civility and empathy rule absolutely. Skepticism is a gift and a necessity–cynicism, however, will be best served elsewhere. As I like to say: You can take in the world without taking on the world.

**Glorious channel art by goddess illustrator, Kira: http://kirasdrawing.tumblr.com/

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