Reiki with Anna

Reiki with Anna

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Hello Everybody,

I'm honored that you're here. For me, creating ASMR videos is such a relaxing experience, and thus far it's no different when creating Reiki ASMR videos.
I'm a Reiki Master Practitioner. I'm very passionate about Reiki, as well as ASMR, and I think the combination is a beautiful one.
For me, I want this channel to be a place where we can provide support and love for those who are in need of it and to receive love and support when we need it ourselves.
My aim is to do what I can to make your day even just a little bit brighter.

Please visit my website if you'd like to check out some products I offer.

For business inquiries, email my business manager at [email protected] These emails will be sent to my business manager. If you want to connect with me directly, leave me a comment on my latest video.

All My Love & Support,
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