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ASMR-tist living in Switzerland.

Something about me: I love being in nature, photography, animals, beauty and fashion. I am working a 9/5 job whilst studying and filming ASMR videos! About 5 years ago, I first discovered ASMR and my world was never the same since then. I listen to it on a daily basis now, sometimes even in the mornings while I'm getting ready for work.

What I film: I love filming hauls of any type - beauty, fashion or even groceries. Triggers are a big thing for me too so I enjoy incorporating them in all my videos. I really appreciate it when viewers give me filming ideas, this way I am sure that the audience will like what I post! Other than that, I film in many different languages - so far I have uploaded Bulgarian, English and German videos.

My goal: I first started this channel because I found that filming relaxed me, however this relaxation now turned into a goal to help you calm down and get back in balance with yourself after a long day.


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