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Hello My Stars!

Welcome! And thank you for checking out my channel!
My name is Abby and I make ASMR videos here on the good ol' YouTube. My videos tend to be more on the lo-fi side, meaning that I don't have a fancy set up, just me, my phone as a camera, and apple headphones or my mini microphone to help supply the tingles. My videos are usually filmed in one take so I am completely myself and unedited.
I do a lot of fun things on my channel! Being the astrology nerd that I am, I currently have a Zodiac Series where I talk about the different signs and their characteristics. I have a playlist that includes the ASMR that I've been enjoying recently and I always make sure this space is a nice and positive environment with an assortment of triggers, but I think I'm most known for my mouth sounds.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope to see you soon!



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