White Tea ASMR

White Tea ASMR

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My name is Lisa, and I am here to relax you ✌︎;)

What I am about☻?

My channel is about ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.
In short... I make videos that are designed for deep relaxation, sleep or concentration. Such videos are better to watch in headphones.
Watching the video should be accompanied by a pleasant sensation of tingling in the back of the head, spreading over neck and back throughout the body.
There are audible and visual triggers or stimuli, which I specifically use in my videos to provoke this sense of ASMR from my viewers.

This is bilingual channel. Every third video is in Russian, while the other two are in English.
Каждое третье видео на русском языке ;)

Contact email ☛ [email protected]


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