Miracle Forest

Miracle Forest

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Hi! I'm Melinda, a VFX artist and sound designer. I make relaxing ambience videos that might just trigger your ASMR;)

I use my more than 10 years of experience with photo editing and filmmaking software to create unique places in Photoshop, then make those pictures come alive with the help of After Effects. I record all my sounds with the god of ASMR mics, the Tascam DR-40. Finally, I put it all together in Premiere Pro. My passion has always been photo editing and filmmaking, so I thoroughly enjoy making these videos, getting lost in these special places myself as I help them come to life. I'm also a huge fantasy nerd, as you can see from my videos.

Also, my husband is an amazing illustrator, who sometimes helps me create the visuals:)

No reuse of my videos is allowed without my permission.

Thank you for your support, and I hope these videos will help you relax or aid you as you study or work.

Adam Scythe drew the channel icon of me:) instagram.com/adam.scythe
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