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cait ASMR

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hiii i’m cait! i make asmr videos to help with sleep 💤💤💤❣️ i watch asmr whenever i struggle to sleep as means to calm me down and relax before bed. i hope my content can do something similar for you! i aim for this page can be a safe space for everyone as everyone is the same when it comes to sleep❤️

my insta is: @caitASMR

my second channel: “cait does things”

if you want to repost my content: ask for permission and link my channel in the description. i do not like re-uploads as i put time into my content. thank you so much.

1. age? i am mysterious 🤫
2. where am i located? east coast of the USA!
3. why did start creating content? i was bored and it was a spur of the moment decision.. i'm learning as i go.
4. why do i not always look into the camera lense? i film on my iphone so the lense is hidden lol :,)) i get this comment a lot
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