Macalda Reye

Macalda Reye

Created 83,800 23,213,070 283 Canada
Everyone’s here because of me,
But I am not the only one worthy of an audience.
I believe someone else can rival me,
If not surpass me.
But I don’t know who.

All thumbnails and artwork are made by kazumi takashi you can commission her here

The endings of all videos are spoilered at the bottom of the video descriptions (death, no death, etc.)

Disclaimer: If I have used any image or sound effects in the past that belong to you, please contact me if the video needs to come down, otherwise I’d be happy to correct my mistake and reference your work in the description. Thank you.

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💗 Macalda Reye is an ASMR video creator with over 83,800 subscribers. Macalda Reye joined YouTube 7 years ago, and has uploaded 283 ASMR videos with over 23,213,070 total views. Macalda Reye is from Canada.


A historical overview of all namechanges of Macalda Reye :

  • asmr mommy -
  • Mother Child -
  • Mother Macabre -


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