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Hey Luvie-Luvs, welcome to my channel! I started making videos after watching ASMR on YouTube for about 5 years, once I figured out these tingles had a name! As someone who has dealt with PTSD and the ensuing depression/anxiety that comes from that, ASMR has helped me quite a bit in terms of finding comfort, sanity and sleep and it was important to me to pay that forward. So, CrinkleLuvin ASMR exists. :)

Most of my videos are role plays and a large majority of those are of the medical variety. Some are serious, some are not. I also have some horror ASMR videos, tattooing, spa stuff, fitness and some just random themes. I do take requests, just realize I get a lot of them so... it may take me a good minute to make yours. Thank you for being patient with me.

My goal for this channel is that it may be a safe place for you to set aside your stress or whatever ails you and let go and relax. That here, we can have a loving and safe community together.

Thanks for watching. :)

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