ASMR daydream

ASMR daydream

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Hey hola! Bienvenido/a a mi canal de ASMR. Espero que mis videos te ayuden a encontrar tanto relajación como bienestar.
En mi canal podes disfrutar de susurros y sonidos cosquillosos. Hazme saber que te gustaría ver en próximos videos, cualquier idea es bienvenida ♡

Hi There! Welcome to my ASMR channel, I hope you can find some tingles here :)
This channel will have triggers and whispers. Feel free to let me know any trigger that you would like to hear in future videos.


💗 ASMR daydream is an ASMR video creator with over 37,500 subscribers. ASMR daydream joined YouTube 5 years ago, and has uploaded 92 ASMR videos with over 3,410,753 total views. ASMR daydream is from Spain.


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