Morika ASMR

Morika ASMR

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If what you see is your cup of tea, then won't you stay and sit with me?
Feel free to sit back and to relax, and perhaps even take some naps?
So get comfy and cozy, grab a pillow, some tea, and sit for the next few minutes with me.



Welcome to my channel! ☺️

I love ASMR. I have since before I had a name for it and I want to share my passion for it with others.

I do my best to upload at least once or twice per week (sometimes more if I have time ☺️)

I'm interested in creating all kinds of different ASMR videos and am open to comments, suggestions and requests. My goal is to make high quality videos you can enjoy, relax, and sleep to. ❤️

As always thank you so much for watching and if you like what you see I'd love if you would subscribe and be a part of this channel as it grows ☺️

For business inquiry please email: [email protected]
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