Jocie B ASMR

Jocie B ASMR

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Hello & welcome ♡ I hope this can be a space to relax, laugh a lil, and practice self acceptance.

My name is Jocie, and I'm just a human happy to be creating ASMR videos : )

I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of:

And I basically post every single week!

My Story...

Like a lot of us, I happened upon ASMR videos by chance when searching for ‘sleep help’ on YouTube. I fell in love with the community because it was a space for love, acceptance, childlike creativity - and tingles!

I find ASMR gives us a chance for pause, encouraging us to take time for self care and to prioritize our mental health. For someone who has struggled to love themselves and feel accepted (and continues to struggle on their worse days), ASMR is such a beautiful way to get out of ones negative self talk, laugh a lil, and relax. SUBSCRIBE and join in on the tingles!
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