Jocie B ASMR

Jocie B ASMR

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Hello loves ♡ I hope this can be a space for us to relax, laugh a lil, and practice self love.

My name is Jocie, and I'm just a human happy to be creating ASMR videos : )

I post what I enjoy, meaning lots of:

And I basically post every single week, 6PM-8PM EST!

My Story...

Like a lot of us, I happened upon ASMR videos by chance when searching for ‘sleep help’ on YouTube. I fell in love with the community because it was a space for love, acceptance, childlike creativity - and tingles!

For someone who struggles to slow down & show themselves love, I find ASMR gives us a chance for pause, encouraging us to take time for self care and to prioritize our mental health. I hope we can all use this channel to practice self love, laugh a little, and relax ♡ SUBSCRIBE and join in on the tingles!
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