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2Lips ASMR

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Goodnight, Sleep Tight… It’s me and you tonight 🌸💤💕

This Channel was inspired by other ASMRtists who helped me get through some tough times and catch some much needed Zzzzz’s. I am so grateful to them and all of you whom I have been able to help in any way, shape, or form - to each your own.

🌷What you can expect:
A whole array of diverse triggers. No limits. I aim to cover the broad spectrum of feelings. Not just gum chewing, or whispering, or tapping, or eating (and the list goes on) but the whole shebang!!!

🌷What I expect from you:
Tingles, giggles, a good night’s rest, (I really don’t mind snoring btw 😇☺️), R&R, and a place you can call “home away from home.”


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