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I have watched ASMR since about 2015. It started with watching paint mixing videos and then I discovered that part of the reason I enjoyed them so much was the sound of the knife scraping on a canvas. From there I did some googling and that led me to ASMR.

Personally I've never had trouble sleeping, but my main attraction to it has always been relaxation and fully watching (not just listening) to the videos. To me the whole ASMR experience that I fell in love with was the visual and auditory art put together to create a unique experience. ASMR can be so beautifully creative to a point that it elicits a physical and mental response from people. And to each person too, this response can be different yet equally enjoyed.

I have always been into art, creating things, and expressing myself through them. On this channel I hope to create beautiful ASMR videos people will enjoy, relax to, and come to appreciate the wonder of this art like I have.

So. Welcome (:


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