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Mystic Saurus

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Hi there! This channel is mainly about food, I guess. ;) The purpose of these videos is to help people. ♥

04.11.15 50 subs, you guys are crazy! ♥
19.11.15 100 subs, I ♥ you!
23.12.15 500 subs, omg. I'm actually speechless!
08.01.16 1000 subs, seriously, I don't know what's happening. Thank you so so much! ♥
20.04.16 5000 This really means a lot to me!
27.06.16 10k OMG I still can't believe it - you guys are insane! insanely awesome!! ♥♥
10.02.2017 40k Wow! You guys rock!!
26.04.2017 50k I'm actually speechless..thank you all so so much! ♥
27.07.2017 60k Thank you all so so much! ♥
26.11.2017 80k YOU guys are the bomb! ♥
01.01.2018 90k That's a great gift for 2018! THANK YOU ♥
11.02.2018 100k Wow! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart. ♥
07.11.2018 150k You guys are the best! Time for the face reveal! ♥
12.07.2019 180k WOW thank you so so much! ♥

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