Brittney May ASMR

Brittney May ASMR

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Welcome to my ASMR channel! Thank you so much for stopping by! My channel is a safe place for everyone! :)

ASMR is something I have been interested in since before I started making my own content. I struggled with migraines and issues sleeping and ASMR has really helped ease these troubles. That is essentially why I created my channel, to help people with their own struggles! Whether you randomly stumbled upon my channel or have been here since the beginning, just know I appreciate you all so much. I hope my channel can bring you some sort of relaxation, sleep, happiness, etc.

My videos mostly consists of visual triggers, up-close personal attention and Role-play's! Doctor role-plays are especially my favourite! If that is something you're interested in, I would greatly appreciate if you could check them out! Thank you for taking the time to read this, I love you always. ♡

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