[Esc] reality

[Esc] reality

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"Most underrated ASMR channel" - my fans

My name is Ally. I enjoy making ASMR roleplays.

I do not take requests. I'm here to do what I want. I do not operate like your typical YouTuber. I'm not gonna be your best friend. I'm not gonna wanna do something just because people want me to really really badly. The more loudly you ask for something from me, the more likely you are to piss me off. I will not reupload any videos I chose to delete. I got rid of them for a reason. You do not have to understand my reasoning. I pride myself on making quality videos. I create to please myself, not the masses. Thank you for your understanding.


For FAQ/info about me, read this post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/faq-16735395


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