Till You Sleep ASMR

Till You Sleep ASMR

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Hi! I have been following many ASMR artists and they've helped me A LOT with anxiety and insomnia problems for a long time. For some years now, I have felt that sleep doesn't come as easy as it used to. And over that, watching a lot of ASMR channels and videos, I found myself a very visual person. The ASMR sounds are perfect, but to get to sleep, what works for me are the visual triggers, where I try to focus on something and end up falling asleep. I'm always changing my tastes and adding new triggers to my top 10 hahaha, but my favorite types of asmr are visual ones, like plucking and pulling, reiki vibe, focus, following the light, hand movements, etc. But I also loved hand sounds and brushing, because they remind me of a real massage. Along this asmr path, I realized that ASMR videos with dark backgrounds are the ones I most enjoy watching for sleep. So maybe it is your favorite too ;)
Have a great night's sleep and sweet dreams ;D
Juliane 💜



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