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JayLynn ASMR

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I am a Canadian ASMRtist who has been watching ASMR on a daily basis since 2014, but has experienced ASMR since a young child. I decided to create a YouTube channel to help others the way ASMR has helped me.

I remember experiencing ASMR as early as 7 years old when my grandmother scratched my back, when the teacher wrote on the chalkboard, and when my classmates were colouring/rummaging through pencil cases.

ASMR has helped me through stress, inability to fall asleep, anxiety, panic and depression. I know I cannot cure these for you, but my hope is that I can at the very least help you relax and make your day a little better.

The purpose of this channel is to relax you and create a calming environment. It is a place of positivity, and to feel safe.

I prefer fast ASMR triggers, so my pace is generally medium to fast, and I focus mainly on tapping and scratching triggers! :)



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