Ancient Whispers ASMR

Ancient Whispers ASMR

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When you need a break from stress, I'll be here for you. When you've had a hard day and aren't sure where to turn for comfort, I'll be here for you. When you're unable to sleep and feel restless and anxious, I'll be here for you too ♥

I have found great comfort in the ASMR community, and I hope to give back to this incredible clan with my mystical video collection. Even if you do not experience ASMR (or you simply haven't found your triggers yet), I do hope you find my content calming, relaxing, soothing, or at the very least, interesting and entertaining.

Often channeling inner darkness, I whisper and speak softly, I guide you through fantasy landscapes to soothe your mind, I use common ASMR triggers to tingle and pacify. I hope you find my creativity comforting.

Peace and happy tingles! \m/

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