the uniy's asmr

the uniy's asmr

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HAI 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

I'm Uniy a kawaii aesthetic asmr-tist, relaxing slice-of-life vlogger and comfy cute fashion enthusiast 🦄
I'm the lady with the long nails making kawaii aesthetic asmr content for my lovely Communiyty hunnybeans ✨🍯💖
I'm so happy you found me and I hope you choose to join the lovely Communiyty🥰

I make aesthetic / aesthetically pleasing kawaii / cute asmr videos for relaxation and sleep therapy. These kawaii asmr videos can help you relax at work, during study time or assist you in falling asleep. My aesthetic kawaii asmr videos feature some of my beloved belongings from Japan. Also features my minimalist acrylic nails (acrylic overlay on natural nails using Young Nails) 💅🏻🌙

Thank you for checking out my channel and I hope we can be internet fwends ✨


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