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Henlo there 🤩

This is Uniy McUniy (also known as, Unis McKunis, Unule McKunule lol) 🥰
I make super kawaii aesthetically pleasing gentle, slow asmr videos in both Japanese & English ♥️
I also make slice-of-life style vlogs and I'm a comfy cute clothing enthusiast ♥️
I'm so happy you found me and I hope you choose to join the lovely Communiyty 🥰

My aesthetically pleasing, kawaii asmr videos are made for relaxation and sleep therapy ♥️
You can also use the videos to help you focus and relax during work (like I do) and / or for study ♥️

🌸 Some Housekeeping Below 🌸
♡ Nu ASMR Videos are uploaded on this channel (generally weekly), every Monday 1PM EST ♡
♡ Come join my Discord Server (it’s aesthetic and cute): (ensure you connect your YouTube account to your Discord) ♡
♡ My Vlog Channel (uploaded sporadically): ♡
♡ Stream VODs from this channel are uploaded here: ♡


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