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Hello everyone !

This is my youtube channel where I post relaxation videos to help you unwind.

In these videos, you will hear relaxing sounds from various objects (show and tell videos, asmr sounds and triggers video), and you will also be put in relaxing conditions (Roleplay videos :friendly discussion, comforting environment, personal attention (doctor appointment)).
If you are not into plain relaxing sounds videos, or into roleplays videos : no worries, you will find specific playlists of one or the other on my channel.

I currently use a Sony RX100 camera to film my video, and a Zoom H5 to record the audio.

Zoruasmr introduced me to ASMR, without him, I wouldn't be doing ASMR videos.

The artwork you can see in my Intro is by ASIAONLY, She makes a lot of beautiful wallpapers, here is her deviantart profile:

Thank you for visiting my channel,
Take care !
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