the ASMR voyager

the ASMR voyager

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Hello my little voyagers, how you doing today? This is Elisa and I love creating ASMR videos, first here on YouTube and now on Patreon too. After years watching ASMR I decided to start my own content and I'm so glad I did! ASMR changed my life, I hope it will improve yours too 🥰

I've been traveling all my life (hence the name!) and now live in Australia, practice REIKI, mostly creating relaxing content, energy cleansing & hypnotic hand movement videos but I also enjoy other types of content such as roleplays, shirt scratching and fast / playful mouth sound videos.

I hope you guys can join me on this voyage!

Custom videos & video requests over here 👉🏻 I'll be glad to help you relax with your favourite trigger! Use the code ASMR10 to get 10% off

Much love, yours truly ❤️


💗 the ASMR voyager is an ASMR video creator with over 4,920 subscribers. the ASMR voyager joined YouTube 10 years ago, and has uploaded 100 ASMR videos with over 310,751 total views. the ASMR voyager is from Australia.


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