the ASMR voyager

the ASMR voyager

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Hello my little voyagers, welcome to my ASMR channel! I want this to be a safe place for you to relax, have a pause and unwind whenever you feel like ⭐️A 100% natural, positive-minded and judgement free area 🌈 After years of watching videos here is my contribution to the thriving, positive-minded and gorgeous ASMR community. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I love the sounds of nature, animals and all lovely colours: I live in Australia next to a nature park and to the ocean, and you'll hear loads of nature sounds on my videos! Especially parrots, wagtails, budgies, crows and sometimes kookaburras. 🦜

I'm so thrilled about this and still very new so please forgive my mistakes and spontaneously-LoFi approach. 🔔 Please support me, like & subscribe to my channel if you like my vids!

A big hug to each and every one of you from Australia, please stay safe wherever you are 💋

With loads of love, care and attention
yours truly,

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