♥ Luz ASMR ♥

♥ Luz ASMR ♥

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Hello beautiful people! ♥
Welcome to my bilingual Youtube Channel! ♥

I make videos so you can experience a relaxing tingling sensation in your scalp
and the back of your neck that can extend into the rest of your body!

"ASMR" describes a pleasurable tingling sensation in the head triggered by specific sounds like crinkly plastic, wooden blocks, accents and many more. A lot of people also use ASMR videos to relax, fall asleep or reduce anxiety.

I use many different triggers in my videos to stimulate your ASMR:
Whispering, Rain Sounds, Tutorials, Vlogs, Makeup, Singing, Role Play, Mouth Sounds, Kissing, Affirmations, Soothing Voice, Tapping, Unboxing Videos & much much more!

I hope I can continue to make people relax, laugh and smile!

Leave a comment if you have any requests for future videos/audios, and stay tuned for lots of tingles ♥

I LOVE YOU GUYS! And if you subscribe I"ll love you EVEN MORE :)

I will see you soon in my next video! :-*


Victoria Luz ⚔❤


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