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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel. If you need somewhere to go and you’re unsure of who to turn to, I’d love it if you stuck around and become a part of my teeny ASMR family. I have to admit, I never knew what ASMR was until I heard about it on YouTube. It was amazing to finally be able to put a name to the euphoric sensation I would randomly experience. I started watching ASMR videos all the time and I was HOOKED! The amount of tingles I got was unreal and I no longer felt restless when I went to bed. I became truly fascinated by the endless videos out there and loved the diversity and the wide variety of triggers there were. I started tapping on things endlessly wanting to know how everything sounded and each item had such a unique sound. I decided i wanted to make an ASMR channel as it truly is something I am passionate about. So I hope you enjoy embarking on this adventure with me. Settle down and get cosy and close your eyes. Welcome to my safe space.


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