Elena ASMR

Elena ASMR

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Hello my little sunshines, I'm Elena! I'm an ASMR Content Creator.

Helping people is something that I greatly value and ASMR is a great way for me to give back love, comfort, and support. My channel is a safe space for everyone and anyone to come get tingles and relax!

I struggle with a handful of disabilities and chronic illnesses, and ASMR has been one of the only things that has helped me cope, relax, and regain some peace of mind. Being an ASMR creator and having this platform also allows me wonderful opprotunities to meet and converse with new people!

This is a safe space where you can relax, chat, and unwind whilst feeling validated, comforted, and supported by my ASMR community (The little sunshines). Most of all, I wish to help others that struggle with the same things I do. You're not alone!

Most of my videos are fast and aggressive, however I have some that differ. Keep an eye out, there is always something for everybody :)

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