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ASMR/TINGLES, SLEEP, RELAXATION Hello world! I have created this channel in hopes to make you happy! ASMR is a beautiful way for people to connect. It is a gate way to a more calm and loving community, in this great big community of planet Earth. I am an artist and so far I have had a lot of fun making these videos. I'm planning on releasing new ASMR videos as much as possible. I have so many ideas! Thank you!-CT
Mailing Address: 3401 Adams Ave Ste A PMB 81
San Diego, CA 92116
-Why am I whispering? Answer found here:
Pintrest :KaylaSuzette
Instagram: Cosmictingles
*Profile pic credit-Manes and Muses


💗 Cosmic Tingles ASMR is an ASMR video creator with over 256,000 subscribers. Cosmic Tingles ASMR joined YouTube 14 years ago, and has uploaded 165 ASMR videos with over 69,573,742 total views. Cosmic Tingles ASMR is from United States.


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