ASMR Sound Waves

ASMR Sound Waves

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Hi! I'm Erin! I make ASMR that I love, in the hopes that you'll love it to. Whispering, tapping, fluffy mics, hand sounds, etc. - all the tingles. I'm ALL about the tingles!

I hope you love it! And if you do, please do subscribe and hit the bell! (I usually post twice a week - Wednesday and Sunday.)

A few things about me: I'm married, I have a young son, I have two pit-mix doggies - I love, love, love them all! My humor can be a bit sarcastic and a bit flat, but I love to laugh. She/her/hers

Support my channel buying what you'd normally buy at Amazon anyways!:
Camera - Canon T5i:
Microphone - Blue Yeti:
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Sound recording and editing: Audacity and DaVinci Resolve 16.
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